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Inspiring Stories of Women in Business

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Tiffiny Consoli - Pool Scouts 

Published October 6, 2017


Tiffiny Consoli likes being number one. Maybe it stems from being the eldest sibling, maybe it’s her competitive spirit, or maybe it’s just enjoying being the one everyone goes to for answers. Whatever the reason, Tiffiny, who is the owner of the very first Pool Scouts franchise, is always striving to be at the top of her game.


What drives Tiffiny?

“I’m the first franchisee for the brand. I love being number one,” laughs Tiffiny. ” I’m really proud of that. We have the highest customer service scores. Having happy customers means we’ve delivered on our promise.”


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Marilyn Manning-Payroll Vault

Published October 20, 2017


If franchising were a marathon, Marilyn Manning, Director of Franchise Development for Payroll Vault, would be tirelessly sprinting the whole way with a smile on her face. She’s been harnessing the energy of their successful 2012 Payroll Vault franchise launch and hasn’t stopped since.

What drives Marylin?

Marilyn is working to grow Payroll Vault exponentially. She gets people contacting her daily, asking about opportunities with the company and she loves the momentum and the energy. She's also driven by the amazing entrepreneurs she talks to every day as they pursue their dreams of owning a business by launching their very own Payroll Vault. "It is purely awesome!" Marilyn says with excitment. 


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Lisa Walling-Re-Bath

Published October 26, 2017 


Lisa Walling and her husband own three Re-Baths, a bathroom remodel franchise. Being an entrepreneur and business owner means she not only supports herself and her family, but she also supports the families of her employees. It means raising the bar for customer satisfaction to get those “wow” faces from their clients.


What drives Lisa?

“At the end of the day, the Wallings believe in taking care of their employees and helping them grow into men and women that take great pride in providing their customers with the best possible experience,” says Lisa.” Nothing makes me happier than seeing an employee mature and reach a level that they didn’t think was possible.”


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Sonali Morris-Goldfish Swim School 

Published November 1, 2017


After an exciting career in advertising, Sonali Morris started to lose interest in the day in and day out of her office job. She eventually paddled her way into a fulfilling career owning and managing her own swim school franchise with her husband. Now, instead of selling things to people they may not need, she’s making dreams come true for parents and kids by sharing with them her passion for what she considers a life skill.


What drives Sonali?

Starting their business while raising two children was no easy task, but Sonali had the drive to do it. She knew she just had to keep going, to push through challenges, and make it work. Now, her and her husband happily operate two locations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They're proud to have a career that gives back to their community whether its to their customers or their employees.


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Angelique McMillan-Handyman Connection

Published November 3, 2017


A self-described coach, Angelique has taken on the role of working with franchise owners at Handyman Connection helping them pave the way for their success. She is always available and willing to help them, guiding them on new lead generation ideas and optimizing ongoing campaigns. She mentors them through the process of starting a business, marketing the business, managing a budget, managing returns, and making improvements. 


What drives Angelique?

Her goal is to cultivate a strong understanding of the importance of digital marketing to the franchise owners. "It’s easy to get left behind in today’s digital world if you don’t stay on top of things," Angelique says.“I tell franchisees that it's okay not to know everything - that’s my job,” she says.


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